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IQ Endoscopes

Who we are

We are a team of clinical, med tech and engineering specialists committed to creating clinically effective, high performance single use flexible endoscopes on a global scale.

Using a novel and patented engineering approach, our range of single use endoscopes will deliver much needed change within endoscopy, addressing the huge demand for the service globally.

Our mission is to help endoscopists and their service providers improve their way of working, giving them greater flexibility, choice and control so they can increase capacity and ultimately save patients’ lives.

Progress to Date

Foundation of IQ Endoscopes

IQ Endoscopes started with founder Dr Patrick Ward-Booth in 2015. After 40 years’ experience in the field of endoscopy, he realised the huge impact a single use endoscope could have on the provision of a global service.

Innovation in design

In 2017, Dr Ward-Booth had a chance encounter with a materials expert from the automotive industry, Andrew Miller. Using a novel engineering approach to the design, an early-stage prototype was quickly developed with encouraging results. The design was granted a patent in July 2020.

Development of Technology Platform

Our first generation single use gastroscope has received regulatory approval from the UKCA and FDA.

A full range of GI endoscopes will then follow between 2024 and 2025.

Secured £5.2m Series B funding

The funding will help to support the development of IQ Endoscopes’ ground-breaking medical devices.

Meet Our Team


Ready to significantly reduce your fixed costs and move decision-making from fixed to operational costs.