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Our investment case

In 2015, IQ Endoscopes was conceived to transform the way endoscopy is delivered. Increasing the adoption of single use endoscopes which have none of the risks and challenges of their traditional, reusable counterparts.

6 reasons to invest

1. The demand for flexible endoscopic examination is currently growing globally at an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of between 5.5-7% per annum, projected to reach 134 million procedures by 2024.

2. Our unique auto-engineered technology means we can meet the demand for our products without the need for large capital investment unlike reusable endoscopic devices which are expensive to make.

3. Our single use endoscopes, with none of the infection risks and reprocessing challenges of traditional scopes, will disrupt the marketplace, changing the way endoscopy services are delivered globally.

4. There is no barrier to adoption. Our single use endoscopes act and feel like their existing counterparts.

5. Our technology is built to scale providing opportunities for service expansion outside of hospitals and revolutionising care in emerging and third world markets.

6. Our team is made up of market leading specialists from the fields of endoscopy, med tech, engineering and finance. We are a clinically led organisation and have the know-how to meet and exceed usability.


Dr Patrick Ward-Booth

Co-Founder and Chairman

Andrew Miller

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Matthew Ginn

Chief Executive Officer

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