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Meet the IQE Team | Abi Baker

13th January 2022

Want to learn more about the great people who work for us? Meet our amazing employees who are the driving force behind our business and are working hard to ensure we create a safe and sterile single use endoscopy platform.

We quizzed our Marketing Executive Abi on what it’s like to work at IQE…


Name: Abigail Baker

Job title: Marketing Executive

Abi in 3 words (as chosen by her colleagues):

Fun. Supportive. Creative.


What is your role and responsibilities at IQE?

I am responsible for the development of multiple aspects of the marketing foundation. This involves everything from competitor analysis and market sizing to marketing communications, branding and production of collateral. I also like to ensure I am available to assist the team with other activities like labelling, research and validation studies.

What is your previous experience?

After achieving a 1st in BA Media and Communications from Swansea University, I stayed on to complete my MA in Media Practice, Communications and Public Relations in which I also achieved a 1st.

My first role was handling all the marketing efforts for a tech start-up before moving to a local car group in which I managed all marketing activities for 4 Toyota dealerships and a Volvo dealership. I then moved to the medical device industry, joining a team where I managed all digital marketing activities to promote new and existing products and generate leads before joining IQE.

I feel that my previous experience combined prepared me well for this role. It has given me the opportunity to re-join an exciting start-up environment within the medical industry which is constantly changing.

What is it like working for a start-up company?

I personally really enjoy working for a start-up. Everything is fast-paced and I enjoy being able to see changes actually implemented where needed. As we’re still a small team, I get the opportunity to work closely with my colleagues in other departments to get a good in-depth understanding of what everyone is working on which is vital for me in Marketing when it comes to content creation and market analysis. Every time we achieve a milestone or overcome a challenge it is recognised and celebrated by everyone, so it creates a great atmosphere in the office.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

Within a few weeks of starting at IQE I was tasked to come up with the names for our upcoming product lines. I have never had the opportunity to work on something so important and foundational before, especially not so early on in my time at the company! But I loved the fact that I was trusted with this opportunity and thrived on being able to exercise my creativity and work with the team to develop naming and branding that everyone is happy with.

How do you spend your free time?

Most of my free time has now been taken over by my new puppy Nora! But when I’m not walking the dog I like to fill my time reading, travelling, going to gigs or just spending time with my friends and family.