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Meet the IQE Team | Chris Jenkins

22nd June 2022

Want to learn more about the great people who work for us? Meet our amazing employees who are the driving force behind our business and are working hard to ensure we create a safe and sterile single use endoscopy platform.

We quizzed our Head of QARAC Chris on what it’s like to work at IQ Endoscopes…


Name: Chris Jenkins

Job title: Head of Quality, Regulatory and Compliance (QARAC)

Chris in 3 words (as chosen by his colleagues):

Cooperative. Brilliant. Chatty.


What is your role and responsibilities at IQE?

I head up the quality, regulatory and compliance functions at IQE. I am responsible for everything ranging from risk assessments, clinical reviews, design assessments, compliance to standards, evaluating the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the Quality Management System as a whole. All of this ensures that the products we are developing, as well as the ways in which IQE operate, are the highest quality and standard both internally, and for our end users.

What is your previous experience?

I received my degree in Biotechnology from the University of Nottingham which set me on my career path where I started in manufacturing and researching and developing cutting edge cancer therapy as well as other healthcare solutions. During this time I worked very closely with Quality, Regulatory and Marketing functions.

I then moved onto other process development and R&D roles before settling into Regulatory and Compliance where I have overseen product development, product release and processes within globally active companies, as well as setting up a dedicated Compliance department. During this time, I developed a strong affinity to process and saw the value in using these processes to further improve safety and efficacy for end users.

What is it like working for a start-up company?

The nature of a start-up and this company in particular is the opportunity I never knew I needed! Fast-paced problem solving with engaging content and projects where I can be directly involved with all aspects from beginning to end, as well as having many more exciting projects and technologies in the pipeline! I also have the ability to cater processes and systems to suit IQE’s vision.

On top of this, working with such like-minded, focused and brilliant people makes this company and the role very invigorating.

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

I can’t say I’ve had a particular project that has stood out as I have been involved with all aspects of the company, however, to reiterate the company achieving ISO 13485 accreditation was one of the best feelings so far since joining!

How do you spend your free time?

Mostly I enjoy cooking, socialising, running/cycling, but majority of the time I spend with my family; my two boys under 3 keep me far too busy to have much free time outside of work (in a good way of course)!